RRS ByLaws

Each RRS participant (Player) selects a driver for each race. The RRS Player gets the same number of points as the driver they have selected. If the driver selected is ineligible for Cup points, the Player gets the points awarded to the NASCAR car owner. Picks must be made prior to the deadline listed on the website. If no pick has been made, the Player will receive no points. If the driver selected does not race, the player will receive no points. Exceptions can be made due to a replacement driver.

NASCAR Regular Season

RRS Players can only use a driver once during the regular season. The same car may be picked more than once, but not the same driver

NASCAR Playoffs (First 9 races of the Playoffs)

The top 12 will get into the playoffs. Those 12 will have their driver selections and points will be reset. The top 12 will get their driver's regular season playoff points added to their starting total. RRS Players can only select drivers in the Playoffs. Each Player can only use a playoff driver once. Drivers can be selected regardless if they have been eliminated from the NASCAR playoffs.

NASCAR Championship Race (Final Race)

The top four (4) Players will have their driver selections and points reset. Tiebreakers for the Top 4 are: 1) Most points after 9 races in the Playoffs 2) Most wins in the Playoffs 3) Most wins in the Regular Season 4) Highest finish in the Daytona 500. The Championship Players will be allowed to select one of the 4 NASCAR Championship drivers. No Player can use the same driver. The highest seeded Player gets the first pick, then second, third and fourth.

The final race determines the RRS Champion.


Name: The League is officially named the "Rubberhead Racin' Series" or "RRS." The name has been taken from the nickname of Rusty Wallace.

Purpose: To partake in the greatest spectacle in sports, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. To carry on the years and years of great tradition started in the cold, cold winter of 1994. Or maybe just to give us something to look forward to each race weekend.

Rules: Arbitrary and subject to change during the year. Issues not covered by the RRS By-Laws will be commissioner's decisions. Those decisions can be questioned, but it will not matter.